SIP Trunking

MIXvoip is specialized in providing SIP Trunk for most european countries, and for many brands of telephone exchanges.


Transfer your existing numbers, or book new local or international numbers, when you want, as per the needs of your business.

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Ultra competitive pay-as-you talk rates, or unlimited flatrate to 100 destinations.

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Security is a top priority for MIXvoip. We guarantee that each call conducted by a person who do not have the authorization and is not physically present on your site will not be charged.​
Performed locally by multilingual VoIP engineers and technicians, or on site to assist you if required. You won’t be left alone.

Telecom provider features

Caller-ID support / CLIP no screening / DTMF and more

No commitment in time

After 6 months, you are free to terminate your contract at any point

Scalable and flexible

Addition of channels or numbers as per your needs

Access your data

In real time to monitor costs and adjust your telephony

Video conferencing

H264 and other codecs supported

Business continuity

Call routing to a different location in case of a disaster

API access

Call automatisation or CDR analysis via a REST API


Both TLS and SRTP optional protocols are available

VPN support

For remote assistance, settings and updates

Fax-to-Mail, Mail-to-Fax

Send and received faxes directly from emails

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The quality and speed of MIXvoip’s support are monitored in real time.

We can help you get everything configured as per your exact requirements and you can either use MIXvoip for your main trunk or as a backup; or maybe just for outbound calls.

We offer automatic failover and load balancing features and support the presentation of your phone number (caller-id) even if it is not ported to the MIXvoip architecture.



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