Internet back-up

automatic backup
Automatic and instant
internet backup
4G mobile data
ip address
Same IP address
during outage
no disconnection
No disconnection
of your online activities

How does it work?

  • MIXfiber 4G is a router with a SIMcard, using 4G  network. We connect it in parallel of your main Internet line in stand-by mode

  • If your main Internet line fails, MIXfiber 4G automatically and instantaneously takes it over

  • Even during the failover, the IP address remains the same

  • You can pursue your online activities during the outage: receive and make calls, send emails and browse the web

mixfiber backup

MIXfiber 4G


250 GB / Year

  • 4G fallback solution on Tango network
  • Same fix IP address as on MIXfiber or DIL
  • 250 GB traffic / year
  • 4G Fritzbox
  • SIM card and subscription
  • 24/7 5 hours advanced SLA
  • Includes Internet SLA on MIXfiber

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