IP Transit

Access the entire internet via MIXvoip infrastructure

MIXvoip can offer your network its entry-point to the internet through IP transit. We can host your prefix on our ASN, you or do a BGP session.

✔ Independence from carrier
✔ Safe & flexible circuit choices
✔ Operates with your own IP addresses

Direct Connect

Get the best-possible latency

Get a physical connection between your office and a MIXvoip server in a datacenter. Your traffic goes through a cable, not Internet.

✔ Best possible latency
✔ Network cost optimization?
✔ Compatible with all MIXvoip services (voice and data)

To provide top connectivity, MIXvoip has deployed a redundant and resilient MPLS network which can transport your traffic for you.


Layer 2 private connections between your 2 sites

MIXvoip can provide you a point-2-point connection between your 2 locations, based on MIXvoip MPLS infrastucture.

✔ Ethernet connection
✔ Redundant
✔ Termination on 1Gb/s copper or SM/MM fiber port


Interconnect all your sites with one globally private network.

MIXvoip can provide you a Layer3 virtual private network based on our MPLS infrastructure. MIXvoip will manage the traffic between your sites and also Internet.

✔ Scalable and secure network
✔ No complex VPN setup and configuration
✔ Choose your own IP ranges

Dark Fiber

Your own Optical Transport Networking (OTN)

MIXvoip can interconnect your 2 sites using an optical dark fiber cable. This end-to-end connection provides you complete freedom and autonomy on your network.

✔ Large bandwidth
✔ End to end control of your network infrastructure
✔ Secure, flexible and high-speed data transfer

Wavelength Service

Maximize your fiber optic connection between 2 datacentres. 

With MIXvoip Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) service, you can choose your color to connect your servers in 2 geographically distant data centers.

✔ Full capacity of your bandwidth
✔ Ultra low latency
✔ Choose your wavelenght

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