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How to manage your calls professionally during the holidays
The Holiday season already knocks on your door. It is again that time of the year, when you should inform your clients, prospects, and partners if you change your business hours, days, and availability. Read on our checklist on how to prepare your business for the festive season so that your company stays productive and your clients are happy.
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Microsoft Teams benefits and how to connect it to your phone system
Since June 2018 Microsoft allows its users to set Microsoft Teams as a primary phone system. With technology Direct Routing companies can use their existing business phone system to place and receive external phone calls directly in Teams. With its help, you can bring your own telecom service provider to connect your current phone system to Microsoft Teams. This means better call rates, more flexibility, and high-quality support for your business.
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Friday Fun Fact: Round Robin origins
In telecommunications, Round Robin can be used to evenly distribute the number of calls, avoiding one person to constantly have to answer the calls. Cool right? Actually, what is really cool lays in the origin of this name:
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